About us

Our Story

We're tennis players (one of us played in college, one of us likes to think we could have) that got the pickle bug in 2020 just as the world was social distancing, trying to find outdoor activities to engage in order to remain social and competitive. When looking for paddles to buy, we were disappointed with the paddles, quality and designs out in the marketplace. We took it upon ourselves to design, produce and sell high quality paddles that let the pickleball community know who you are, that you're here to win....but also have a good time. With high quality materials, unique designs and an exceptionally forgiving face, OutWest paddles will be sure to set you apart and help you win your next match.  


Who we are

Childhood friends, tennis competitors turned pickleball aficiandos, we've been at the forefront of the pickleball revolution. Well....not exactly the revolution that happened in Bainbridge in the 60s....but hey, we were there in spirit!